Welcome to Chef Ko's Cuisine!

Located in the heart of the city of Campbell on West Hamilton Boulevard, Chef Ko's passion is to promote healthy food through delicious meals.

Chef Ko's has been open, innovative and hospitable for many years. Our daily specials have always served as a mouth-watering surprise and delight to their customer! Their dishes are guaranteed to please people of all ages.

In addition to traditional Chinese food, you can also enjoy Chef Ko's Californian fusion. We have developed a special technique to preserve both freshness and nutritious value for healthy delicacies as most of cooking is steamed, stirred, cooked, and seldom deep fried.

We take pride in the ability to provide many vegan dishes for a wide range of customers. Surprisingly, each of our dishes is light in oil and has no MSG. Although typical Chinese food is frequently fried with much oil, we believe in making food delicious without having to drench it as such.

To compliment your dining at Chef Ko's, you can also indulge in a variety of tropical drinks and an exquisite wine list. Our ambiance is always clean, private, elegant, and infused with relaxing background music.

Always rely on Chef Ko's for your special events and meetings such as birthday parties, family gatherings, small business catering, and take out/delivery..

We invite you to come and experience a whole new level of enjoyment of Chinese cuisine with us today!.

We Appreciate Your Business!

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